Skills and Drills update Kita Stoeger class and AFGC AGM info

January 8, 2018 NewslettersSkills and Drills

As you should all know, until the back wall is rebuilt we aren’t going to be running any classes, this was not the plan for this winter and we are quite annoyed by the situation. Hopefully the new rubber blocks will be in next week and we can schedule a work bee for the end of the month and have us shooting again for the first weekend in February (there won’t be anything Feb 9 and 10 due to the Game Supper). Once the blocks are here we’ll be asking for help to clean out the backstop and install them, please let me know if you’re available for this.

The AFGC AGM is coming up on March 15th and if you’re a member of the club please make it a priority to attend. We are also looking for people to volunteer for board of director positions...

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January 7, 2018 NewslettersSteel Challenge

We shoot at Abbotsford Fish and Game Club on Range 4 (2nd parking lot) starting at 7-10pm. The range is covered and has infrared heaters on it, but dress for the weather regardless. Cost is $5 per person. Standard centerfire Pistols, Rimfire Pistol and Rifle and Pistol Calibre Carbine are welcome, holsters are not required nor is your Black Badge (IPSC). You shoot 5 passses of 5 rounds each, once everyone has shot, we start at the top of the list again and repeat until we are done

To go a bit easier after the two weeks off we will be shooting smoke and hope this week! everyone loves shooting close big plates fast so lets see how quickly we can do it

Here is max shooting it last year for his world record...

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New Year Detail Clean and maintenance day

December 30, 2017 NewslettersSkills and Drills

So, seeing as how we aren’t going to be shooting on the indoor for a bit, who would be interested in a detail strip and clean/maintenance day at the club instead? This will be mostly focused on CZ Shadow based pistols, but we can have at least one Glock armorer on site for it as well if people ask nicely.

For the CZ pistols, the more punches, pins, picks and correct screwdrivers, you can bring the better as we have a limited number to share. A 2mm punch is especially handy, as are small tipped starter punches and Torx/Phillips head drivers as required by your grips. There will also be a sight tool available for CZ and Glock pistols. We will be able to function test the guns on the indoor after as well.

If you are interested please RSVP, cost will be $30 for the course.


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Skills and Drills

December 29, 2017 NewslettersSkills and Drills

There will be no Skills and Drills this weekend, or until we can replace the back wall on the indoor range. We are hoping the materials for the back wall will be in before the end of January and we can schedule a work bee to do the replace/clean up.



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Steel Challenge for December 26th and Santa Shoot 2017

December 23, 2017 NewslettersSkills and DrillsSteel Challenge

There will be no organized Steel this Boxing Day.

Also please note the Santa Shoot for December 29th is also cancelled due to the dust coming out of the backstop on the indoor range.


Have a happy Winterfest!



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