Skills and Drills December 1st and 2nd 2017

November 28, 2017 NewslettersSkills and Drills

There will be no classes this weekend, December 1st and 2nd.

The group buy has suddenly become very successful, thanks to all of you who participated.

If you are looking for any new guns or gear you should go into Reliable Gun on December 2nd for their annual sale. It should be a good one!


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Steel Challenge for Tuesday November 28th 2017

November 26, 2017 NewslettersSkills and Drills

Steel Challenge Nov 28th

We shoot at Abbotsford Fish and Game Club on Range 4 (2nd parking lot) starting at 7-10pm. The range is covered and has infrared heaters on it, but dress for the weather regardless. Cost is $5 per person. Standard centerfire Pistols, Rimfire Pistol and Rifle and Pistol Calibre Carbine are welcome, holsters are not required nor is your Black Badge (IPSC). You shoot 5 passses of 5 rounds each, once everyone has shot, we start at the top of the list again and repeat until we are done.

To go a bit easier we will be shooting smoke and hope this week! everyone loves shooting close big plates fast so lets see how quickly we can do it

Here is max shooting it last year for his world record...

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Reloading Group Buy

November 24, 2017 NewslettersSkills and Drills

Final prices on powder is $28/lb for Tight Group

147gr CamPro bullets are $98/1000, 124gr RN are$86/1000)

Large Pistol, Small Rifle and Large Rifle primers are all $39/1000

and of course CCI small pistol are $38/1000

EMT for deposit/payment is password “primers”

Please remember there is tax on this! 12% of government pocket theft!



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Reloading Group Buy

November 24, 2017 NewslettersSkills and Drills

For those of you in on the group buy and wish to EMT, please use for the EMT address and use the password “primers” all in lowercase please.



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Skills and Drills for November 24th and 25th

November 21, 2017 NewslettersSkills and Drills

Classes start at 7pm at Abbotsford Fish and Game Club on the indoor (main clubhouse). Safety brief, first aid brief, range commands followed by the class. Please bring 200-300 rounds of ammo per class. We shoot until 10pm. No Black Badge needed, new shooters (who know how to use their gun) are welcome on Open nights, Advanced nights are for experienced shooters who have been previously vetted by the club. Cost for each night is $20 and all targets are provided.

Please note, unless a special exception is given, Serpa and Serpa style holsters are not permitted at either night. If you only have a Serpa holster and wish to come, please email ahead of time to arrange this, or to arrange to borrow a quality holster instead.

Friday night this week is Open night, so for those ...

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