Skills and Drills for Friday May 16th at 7pm

May 14, 2014 NewslettersSkills and Drills

This weeks class will be a combined class due to so many shooting the qualifiers at Thompson (not me though, but I hope to make it up to watch some if I can). As it is an IPSC weekend, we’ll be focusing on some of the more important skills related to the sport. So prepare to be pushed a little bit. New shooters and 22’s are still welcome, you’re just going to have your comfort zones tested I imagine.

I’d once again like to thank those of you who have been helping me out this last year and half. Having to cancel so many classes or have others run them for me is a big deal to me. My jaw is not getting any better, so hopefully things can continue on as is and eventually it will be fixed and I’ll be back to fighting form soon. And I apologize both for classes I cancelled after scheduling them when others couldn’t fill in for me, and for any that may happen again. Until this stupid bone in my jaw is fixed I’m at it’s mercy, sometimes even writing these messages is beyond what the pain will let me do, like last week. I’ve never been a big one for sympathy and I’m not expecting it now, so please make sure to make fun of me, harass me and make jokes, I can take it, and it will make me smile more than nice words.


This is what you are missing if you aren’t going to Czech for the Extreme Euro Open this year, I am heartbroken to not be able to attend this year, again.

Take a look at what stages can look like, when designed by MD’s who care about their match (we do have some of those MD’s here, just not enough)

And then video of last year, which I also missed, arrrrrrggg