So you want to start shooting a pistol eh?

September 25, 2013 Newsletters

Where do you start? How do you start? What will you need? And who should you trust?

Not a lot of easy to answer questions there, as really, there are a lot of correct answers. But lets say you heard about me, and wanted to come shoot with us at Skills and Drills, or maybe even take some private classes. Where do you start? Well we start at the beginning, with the question, why? Why do you want to learn to shoot a pistol? Usually the answer is sport, or wanting to get in law enforcement, or self defense or… well those are the most common. Once that’s answered we start work on the pistol you want, most times this is already decided but occasionally input is requested and I do my best to not steer your to one specific pistol, I give you options. Once chosen we finally get to the real reason for “Where do you start”, and we now talk about classes, group or individual and I give you the run down on what happens, what’s expected and what you’ll need (hmmm seems like that’s your next questions eh?)


What do you need to come to Skills and Drills? Pretty simple really,

Mandatory (although some items can be borrowed, ask if you need to)

  1. A desire to learn and improve
  2. An open mind
  3. The ability to understand comprehend English (even spoken as poorly as I do)
  4. Not be a dick
  5. A centerfire pistol 9mm or larger
  6. A holster for the pistol (No Serpa holsters unless issued to you by a government agency)
  7. At least 3 mags
  8. Mag holders for those mags
  9. Ear and eye protection (we shoot indoors so it can be loud)
  10. At least 200 rounds of ammuntion (no steel case or steel core ammo allowed)


  1. Tight, high necked shirt (hot brass burns)
  2. Hat (keeps brass out too)
  3. Comfortable footwear (concrete floor)
  4. Elbow/knee pads
  5. Notebook and pen
  6. Spare parts or spare gun
  7. More mags
  8. More ammo
  9. Flashlight or weaponlight
  10. Cleaning kit and lube
  11. Squib rod
  12. Hand wipes
  13. Water
  14. Snacks
  15. *Gifts for me (I am registered at D-S Tactical and Reliable Guns)

So, who am I? I’m a competitive pistol and rifle/carbine shooter with about 23yrs experience. I’ve been an active competitor and instructor since 2000. I’ve taken courses with, Todd Jarret, Todd Louis Green, Ernest Langdon, Ken Hackathorn, Tactical Response (a number of their instructors on various courses), and a whole bunch of other guys I can’t name due to their jobs (if you really want to know, come to class, you’ll meet most of them at some point). I’m not talking some super secret 3 letter word guys, well maybe a couple, but mostly just cops who don’t want their names thrown around. If you or your agency needs specific referrals to quantify my background those can be provided.

I’ve been in the top 2 of pistols shooters in IPSC in Canada in Production Division pretty much since it’s inception, with a couple dumps due to injuries or not making the match. I teach how to use a gun, mostly pistols, regardless of the reason you want to use it. That means I don’t really teach tactics or team exercises very often, I focus on making you as efficient and comfortable with your chosen gun as possible. The safer and faster you are with a gun, the happier I am at the end of class.