Skills and Drills update Kita Stoeger class and AFGC AGM info

January 8, 2018 NewslettersSkills and Drills

As you should all know, until the back wall is rebuilt we aren’t going to be running any classes, this was not the plan for this winter and we are quite annoyed by the situation. Hopefully the new rubber blocks will be in next week and we can schedule a work bee for the end of the month and have us shooting again for the first weekend in February (there won’t be anything Feb 9 and 10 due to the Game Supper). Once the blocks are here we’ll be asking for help to clean out the backstop and install them, please let me know if you’re available for this.

The AFGC AGM is coming up on March 15th and if you’re a member of the club please make it a priority to attend. We are also looking for people to volunteer for board of director positions. If you’ve been a member for at least 5 years you to can get on the board. We NEED people to step up, most especially for 2 year director positions, Secretary and also to assist our Treasurer with the intent to become Treasurer in 2019. We constantly face issues with people trying to bring in idiotic rules and mindsets like other clubs have and need to be able to stop those things from happening. If you treasure your club, please, volunteer. If you have any questions on what it takes, shoot an email to .

Finally, we have the opportunity to bring Kita Stoeger up for a 2 day class at the end of April, or early May. Maximum of 12 people with a cost of $500 each. This will be a true IPSC course, but unlike any we’ve ever seen up here. Kita teaches efficiency of movement, how to enter and exit positions properly and push hard. She has had great success with shooters around the planet and is very well regarded. This will be a physical course. We need to set this in motion quickly if we want to secure her for the spring. If you are interested, seriously interested, please respond.