New Year Detail Clean and maintenance day

December 30, 2017 NewslettersSkills and Drills

So, seeing as how we aren’t going to be shooting on the indoor for a bit, who would be interested in a detail strip and clean/maintenance day at the club instead? This will be mostly focused on CZ Shadow based pistols, but we can have at least one Glock armorer on site for it as well if people ask nicely.

For the CZ pistols, the more punches, pins, picks and correct screwdrivers, you can bring the better as we have a limited number to share. A 2mm punch is especially handy, as are small tipped starter punches and Torx/Phillips head drivers as required by your grips. There will also be a sight tool available for CZ and Glock pistols. We will be able to function test the guns on the indoor after as well.

If you are interested please RSVP, cost will be $30 for the course.