Skills and Drills December 22nd and 23rd 2017

December 20, 2017 NewslettersSkills and Drills

Classes start at 7pm at Abbotsford Fish and Game Club on the indoor (main clubhouse). Safety brief, first aid brief, range commands followed by the class. Please bring 200-300 rounds of ammo per class. We shoot until 10pm. No Black Badge needed, new shooters (who know how to use their gun) are welcome on Open nights, Advanced nights are for experienced shooters who have been previously vetted by the club. Cost for each night is $20 and all targets are provided.

Please note, unless a special exception is given, Serpa and Serpa style holsters are not permitted at either night. If you only have a Serpa holster and wish to come, please email ahead of time to arrange this, or to arrange to borrow a quality holster instead.


Please RSVP for classes this weekend, we’ll make a final decision on holding classes based on how many people reply. Please let us know which night you would like to attend, Friday or Saturday.

Friday December 29th sees the return of the Santa Shoot! Please note, NO GODDAMN FIRE or anything like that. So no lithium batteries or anything that can catch fire from being shot. This will be held on the indoor range. Glass items are allowed (monitors, TVs etc).
So if you’ve got a lame present on Christmas that you don’t want to hold onto and re-gift next year, bring it down and shoot the shit out of it. Animatronic dolls are great to shoot, just saying.