Skills and Drills for November 24th and 25th

November 21, 2017 NewslettersSkills and Drills

Classes start at 7pm at Abbotsford Fish and Game Club on the indoor (main clubhouse). Safety brief, first aid brief, range commands followed by the class. Please bring 200-300 rounds of ammo per class. We shoot until 10pm. No Black Badge needed, new shooters (who know how to use their gun) are welcome on Open nights, Advanced nights are for experienced shooters who have been previously vetted by the club. Cost for each night is $20 and all targets are provided.

Please note, unless a special exception is given, Serpa and Serpa style holsters are not permitted at either night. If you only have a Serpa holster and wish to come, please email ahead of time to arrange this, or to arrange to borrow a quality holster instead.

Friday night this week is Open night, so for those of you getting into this fun game of pistol shooting, come on down. You are expected to have a good handle on how to run your gun and gear. We will be working the fundamentals of gun handling and accuracy for the entire night with a variety of drills and tests. Expect repetition repetition repetition… well you get the idea

Saturday is Advanced night this week and we will be continuing to work on our entrances and exits around barricades and walls, expect to also have multiple targets to engage and reloads of course.

Group buy is finally ready to go, I need a minimum of 25% deposit from you before I can place the order. If you see me in person cash is best. If you must EMT me please let me know. I need the money in the next 10 days from everyone or the order will not happen. It could be as much as 6 weeks for the order to arrive though. CCI Small primers are what we have arranged but small rifle and other CCI can be arranged as well, and we will get a price break on them too, but I need solid numbers for those to get it.  Small Pistol CCI are $38/1000 plus tax. If you have previously emailed me about being in on the buy and now cannot be, please let me know ASAP so that I don’t get stuck with primers.
Bullets are ready to go as well, but I am waiting on final pricing for that. I will reply directly to you with those prices. Bullets are CamPro 124gr or 147gr 9mm, or other calibres/weights if you need.
Powder, there just hasn’t been enough demand to get a significant break on powder, sorry.

This week we’ll be working on speed both nights, pushing envelopes, but maintaining the fundamentals. Repetition, speed, and boundaries will be the focus. Saturday night will see the return of the turning target system.

As you may have noticed we are also helping out Steel Challenge with their Tuesday night stuff. If you haven’t shot Steel Challenge you really should. It’s down on Range 4 at Abbotsford, but we have infra red heaters and cover so it’s not that bad in even the worst weather. SC is all about speed and accuracy, for 5 shots, run 5 times. Drop in for SC is only $5 which is a freaking bargain. Show up next week and see how it’s done under pressure!